Real Estate Current Projects

Multifamily Management


We take care of all your property needs nationwide. Currently working with several properties in TN, PA, AL, and KY.

Short Term Vacation Rentals


From Air BNB to your income producing beach home we have you covered! We have multiple properties covered and a long list of repeat customers that come to us for property information and recommendations. Also an extensive list of vendors that will come to your rescue in case of that plumbing/electrical issue you just can't deal with. 

Land to build on


Looking for property for your next commercial building masterpiece? We have land listings on and off market to get what your are looking for without the hassle of searching 100's of properties. 

Purchase and Listing agents


Consider it sold. We take pleasure in helping you move your properties as quickly as possible. We take an very serious interest in your property to learn the business side of it. Our analysts are sticklers and will be able to guide through a purchase as well get your financial documents ready for a sale. 

Small Business Current Projects

Vivacity/Makeway Wellness

Overview: MakeWay Wellness did not happen by accident. In researching the Natural Wellness Industry, we realized that there was a lack of high quality products with the clinical dosage amounts for each ingredient. Because this was missing in the industry, we made it our mission to provide a product that could do so much more than what was available, at an affordable cost for the masses. When deciding on a method of distribution, it didn’t take us long to realize that MakeWay Wellness is best suited for the Network Marketing industry. We feel that, with amazing products, a mission to benefit the lives of people all around the world, and a proven method of distribution, we are poised for great success. We have proven our concept with by attracting over 450 Distributors (Affiliates) in our first year without national marketing. We had a retention rate in excess of 75% per 6 month period, and as much as 129% monthly growth rates, with an average of 25%. We are completely scalable and ready to move to the momentum phase. Strategy: Our business model is direct sales/network marketing. We do this through a campaign we refer to as Social Marketing and move our product through independent Affiliates. Our Marketing Plan, often referred to as a Compensation Plan, pays a maximum of 52% of gross revenues from each product sale to our team of Affiliates. Our product costs are typically 12-15% of the sale amount, leaving a minimum of 33% of all gross revenue for overhead and net profit. Due to the nature of our cloud-based business model, our overhead remains relatively low as we have cost efficient staffing needs and lower marketing costs beyond our Affiliate payouts. Based on preliminary numbers, we believe we can have a net profit of roughly 10-15% of total revenue once we are beyond $500K in monthly sales. Products: MakeWay Wellness has unique product formulations and will continue to do research to stay ahead of the marketplace with formulating the latest high quality products that people need to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. With keeping a pulse on the happiness and drive of the distributors and the effectiveness of these products, MakeWay Wellness will maintain its remarkably high retention rate and continue to motivate the distributor and customer base to increase sales.

Score Vodka

 Score Vodka is a grain Kosher vodka with Badatz Beit Yosef certificate. Through modern technologies, naturally grown grain, and advanced filtration systems, our vodka produces a gentle taste, mild fragrance, and pleasant aftertaste. Distillation and filtration of Score Vodka is on par with most premium top shelves competitors. It is safe to say that Score Vodka is а smooth spirit that can be consumed straight, without the need of chilling to mask any harsh taste. Score can also be used as a primary or secondary ingredient in mixed drinks and cocktails.




Me too.  That's why I invented the Coco Jack.  A safe, easy way to open Fresh Coconuts, no matter what your size or strength.  Coco Jack & Scoop are Internationally Patent Pending and Coco Jack comes with a 1 Year/1000 Coconut Guarantee when purchased with our Coco Mallet.Coco Jack also comes with a specially designed shock absorbing grip, whose material was originally developed to absorb the vibration from motorized lawn mowers!  They will help protect your hand from excess vibrations if you're opening a lot of coconuts at once.  

Besides being rugged and durable, The Coco Jack is also designed with aesthetics in mind.  Every measurement was calculated using the ancient Fibonacci proportions to create a beautiful, balanced, and "harmonious" tool.


 As the founder of and current CEO of both and, Eric Ralls has long aspired to merge technology with a love for nature and our planet.PlantSnap started as an idea in Eric's head over 4 years ago when he was traipsing through a friend's backyard and wondered about the identity of a plant he'd stumbled across. When he asked around and no one knew, he knew he'd stumbled onto a problem that he wanted to solve. Unfortunately, the technology just wasn't quite up to snuff just yet.Fast forward to today - the tech is available and the team is assembled to make PlantSnap a reality. With a beta version completed, and 250,000 images in the database, we are currently using Deep Learning technology to improve the accuracy of PlantSnap search results before launch.