About Us


The PHP Group is dedicated to helping businesses collect investment capital for growth, inventory purchases, manufacturing, and general expansion purposes. Not only are we dedicated to helping you find funding, but we want to help, you, the business owner create something long lasting, efficient, and successful. Our representatives are versed in accounting, business management, projections, money management, and many more attributes. We also are real estate professionals with over 11 years experience in managing, contract negotiation, investment properties, and even raw land. With our help we will make your company a great fit for any investment you may require.

As for our investors, The PHP Group will contour each opportunity with care. We do all the research on our opportunities, such as background checks, pro-forma accuracy, tax records, banking statements, spending habits, etc. to make sure your investment is not only safe and secure, but that it has the most potential to grow and create many more opportunities for you and your investment business.